In Canada vaping products are only available for those over the age of 19. Nicotine Nirvana Vape Shop does not sell any products for vaping CBD oil and recommend that if you use CBD oils, not to vape them at all.

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Nicotine Nirvana is pleased to be involved in the transition of our clients to begin vaping and we take our responsibility seriously.  We as a business are responsible to assist our clients in having a safe and effective transition.  Therefore, we will direct our clients to start vaping at a fairly high dosage of nicotine, so that the client gets the amount of nicotine that will keep them vaping.  Further, we will ask from time to time if they would like to reduce their nicotine levels.  Most E Juices can be mixed, if they have the same flavor, then you simply mix the 24 mg dosage with some 18mg (the next step down).  This is a very gentle way of a reducing the dosage of nicotine that the body will not feel, and if it does, just add more 24 mg E juice.   It is our goal to take each of our clients from 24 mg of nicotine, down the ladder until they are vaping 0mg and then after that, they can stop vaping if they choose and become a healthier non smoker with more money then they know what to do with.


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Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to transform users of the most dangerous and deadly device ever created, next to the atom bomb that is - the cigarette and welcome them to our vaping community.  By doing so, removing ammonia, benzene, tar and all the other poisons that a cigarette offers. Further, it is our intention to reduce their nicotine exposure by offering a lower dosage of the flavor of e juice that they have chosen to use.  By doing so, very gradually take them from 24 mg of nicotine to 18 mg, 12 mg, 6 mg and eventually down to 0 mg.  At that point, they will naturally reduce their usage of the E Cigarette as the E Juice with 0 mg of nicotine is not addictive at all. To date, we have 10 pack a day guys and gals, become non smokers.  This is our goal.