In British Columbia vaping products are only available for those over the age of 19. If you order products from this site, the receiver of the products will be asked for ID in order to sign for the package. If it gets returned to my store because the person who ordered the product was not of age in their province, I will keep the products upon return and keep your money because you were dumb ass enough to try that non-sense. Thats not a warning, this is the terms of contract - do not order or try to if you are not of age in your province to vape.

Warning : Nicotine is highly addictive - Health Canada - Avertissement: La nicotine cr`ee une forte dependance - Sante Canada

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Tanks and Coils
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At Nicotine Nirvana we care about our clients health. Our potential clients are the users of the most deadly invention on the planet, the cigarette. This product has been killed hundreds of millions. We at nicotine nirvana, carefully guide our clients through the transition, from smoker to vaper, from 24 mg to 18 mg , from 18 mg to 12 mg, from 12 mg to 6 mg, and 6 mg to 0 mg and their addiction to nicotine is over. This transition might take one or two years and they might have to buy two or three vape machines to get them there, but their end goal has already started, as soon as they put down their cigarettes and begin to vape. The lungs lighten up, food tastes good again, their teeth stop yellowing and their personal hygiene improves. It is our pleasure to assist all these individuals we will meet in the future and it is our goal to give them a better alternative to the most deadly device created on planet earth. - The cigarette.
Tanks and Coils - Everyone has their favorite and a passionate discussion can occur in any vape shop at any time. The only real rule is, are you happy with your vaping experience. If so, then continue using the same equipment, both tanks and coils until your feelings change. Remember, we have chosen to vape to reduce our dependency on nicotine and to avoid all the negative results of those horrible cigarettes and all their chemicals. Please remember to check your ohm of your coils and make sure you get the right coils for the mod of your choice. That becomes more important if you are using temp control vape machines. If your not sure what your mod needs as far as coils, bring that mod into the shop, so it can be discovered. If your vape experience is intense, such as sub ohm or platform building, or building your own mod, please be careful. Understand what your dealing with when you build your own mod. People blowing up while vaping is not the image we in the vape industry are trying to sell and it loads the gun for big tobacco, to state that vaping and their machines are not safe. Understand that if your machine you build is not balanced, your batteries will vent and when they do, its not far from your face when it blows. That being said, Nicotine Nirvana has great tanks, mod kits and batteries that have all protections built in, so that the average person that vapes has a safe experience always. Always check your mods or E Cigarettes instructions as to the type of coils that you require, and that becomes more important if you are using a temp controlled mod. We look forward to serving your vaping requirements and vape on.

Tanks and Coils

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Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to transform users of the most dangerous and deadly device ever created, next to the atom bomb that is - the cigarette and welcome them to our vaping community.  By doing so, removing ammonia, benzene, tar and all the other poisons that a cigarette offers. Further, it is our intention to reduce their nicotine exposure by offering a lower dosage of the flavor of e juice that they have chosen to use.  By doing so, very gradually take them from 24 mg of nicotine to 18 mg, 12 mg, 6 mg and eventually down to 0 mg.  At that point, they will naturally reduce their usage of the E Cigarette as the E Juice with 0 mg of nicotine is not addictive at all. To date, we have 50 pack a day guys and gals, become non smokers and non papers.  This is our goal.