In British Columbia vaping products are only available for those over the age of 19. If you order products from this site, the receiver of the products will be asked for ID in order to sign for the package. If it gets returned to my store because the person who ordered the product was not of age in their province, I will keep the products upon return and keep your money because you were dumb ass enough to try that non-sense. Thats not a warning, this is the terms of contract - do not order or try to if you are not of age in your province to vape.

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Our Lines of E Juice
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Now!!! All 30ml freebase bottles of E juice $15.50 and two of any line is $28.50 Our lines of Ejuice are building every month and we are looking for new and exciting products every day. We currently carry Juicy Clear Classic, Razzy Blue, and Twelve monkeys, Classic EJuice out of Ontario and have Thrilla, Big Puffa and many more. Classic Go Go Juice and Vango Ejuice. Come on and take a look. Salt Nic juice is more expensive and only comes in 30ml bottle sizes, as it has extra chemistry that allows the nicotine to follow the salt into the body faster than freebase e juice. Our Salt Nic lines include:, Twelve Monkeys Salt Nic, T Daawg, Vango, Dvine, Classic and many others. All salt nic 30ml bottles, regardless of brand are $19.50 prior to taxes. With Salt Nic, it is very important to only use low amperage devices made for Salt Nic, and please never us sub omb devices to vape Salt Nic.
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Our Lines of Ejuice

Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to transform users of the most dangerous and deadly device ever created, next to the atom bomb that is - the cigarette and welcome them to our vaping community.   Further, it is our intention to reduce their nicotine exposure by offering a lower dosage of the flavor of e juice that they have chosen to use.  By doing so, very gradually take them from 18 mg of nicotine to 12 mg, 6 mg, 3 mg and eventually down to 0 mg.  At that point, they will naturally reduce their usage of the E Cigarette as the E Juice with 0 mg of nicotine is not addictive at all. To date, we have 50 - pack a day guys and gals, become non smokers and non vapers.  This is our goal.